Peninsula Engineering Solutions, inc. objective is to provide you with the most complete, reliable and cost-effective remote site solutions including:
Microwave RF Repeaters ( from 6 GHz to 11 GHz)
Alternative Power Solutions ( Solar, Hybrid, Fuel Cells, Gen Sets, BUPS, etc.)
Consistent with that objective, we can assist you with all the planning and installation activities associated with your remote site deployment, including:

– RF link budget / path calculations
– Complete Solar / Power Sizing Calculations and Engineering
– Furnish all of your Microwave RF Repeater equipment
  – Furnish all of your Alternative Power equipment ( Solar, Hybrid, Fuel Cells, Gen Sets, etc.)
  – Repeater monitoring and alarming equipment
  – Installation and Commissioning of RF repeaters
  – Installation and Commissioning of Alternative Power Systems ( Solar / Battery / Hybrid etc).
As you can see, Peninsula Engineering Solutions' objective is to not only provide you with the most complete line of Remote Site products but to also provide you with the support required to implement your total Remote Site solution.